Bespoke Single, XY, XYZ Axis and Rotary


There is not always the need for Super High Accuracy and High Expense for Positioning Tables.

Many applications need a simple system to move a component either manually or under power. 

These Tables are Designed and Custom built to specific requirements as and when required and

are designed to facilitate your component . So no having to purchase larger than necessary  

standard tables with features on that will never be used, you specify what you need and that is

what we will design into the table for you. Hence, showing a cost saving against standard products in general they are manufactured with Standard Aluminium Tool plate, although any material can be

Specified. The Axis run on H grade Linear Guideways and can be used as a manually operated slide

system or we can incorporate a Ball screw or Lead Screw to drive the Axis. Positioning Plungers or Manual Brakes can be incorporated.


Please see the Photos below as recent examples.



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